Family Wealth Transfer Planning

Clients come to us for customized solutions that protect accumulated wealth through effective family wealth transfer and estate planning.

Our role is that of a trusted advisor who adapts the estate planning process to each family and their specific circumstances and objectives.

We take the time to build a relationship with each client so that we can have a clear understanding of their concerns, values and aspirations. Our associates then develop personalized estate plans that minimize taxes and maximize wealth transferred while fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities.

The family wealth transfer and estate planning strategies we recommend make appropriate use of tax law to:

  • Minimize estate tax liability
  • Structure an estate to qualify for payment of taxes over a period of years
  • Effect charitable giving through charitable gift estates that benefit the family and selected charities
  • Create trusts and lifetime gifts that protect family assets, such as insurance trusts, revocable living trusts, charitable trusts, annuity trusts and generation-skipping trusts.

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