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August 12

Properly Preparing the Form 706 Estate Tax Return Series (Including Portabliity Issues) - PART ONE - A Special Re-Broadcast

Thursday August 12

3:00 PM EDT – 4:30 PM ET

Learning the basics of the tax and how to complete the Form 706 will give you confidence to help your clients. In his exclusive LISI Webinar, Bob Keebler will review:

·         Changes to the IRS Form 706;

·         Sample Completed 706

·         Framework of the Estate Tax – A Statutory Overview

·         Community Property and Other Property Law Issues

·         Litigation and Settlement Planning

·         Protecting the Trustee and Personal Representative

·         Post-mortem Tax Planning

·         Presenting Income Tax Liabilities and Refunds

·         Special Valuation Rules for Charity, AVD and More

·         QTIP and Reverse QTIP Elections

·         Understanding Common GST Issues

·         Qualified Disclaimer Issues

·         The Qualified Appraisal Issue

·         Reviewing Appraisal and Valuation Adjustments

·         How to successfully navigate the form

·         The ins and outs of the “Portability” rules;

·         How the portability rules actually work using common examples

·         Filing Protective Claims Properly and Timely

·         The Limitations of Form PC

·         Substantial Authority and Reasonable Basis Positions

·         Foreign Estate Tax Credits

·         IRC Sections 6161 and 6166

·         Interrelated Calculations and Traps for the Unwary

·         Income tax consequences;

·         Potential Penalties and How to Avoid

·         How to avoid malpractice traps;

·         Overlooked GST issues.

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August 18

Understanding the Upcoming Tax Bill: The Perfect Storm Has Arrived: What the Sophisticated Advisor Needs to Know Now About the Tax Bill - A Special Re-Broadcast

Wednesday August 18

3:00PM ET – 4:30PM ET

On April 28th, President Biden announced the individual tax proposals in the  American Families Plan which included a 39.6% long term capital gain rate, gain realization at death and for gifts along with major changes to the estate, gift and GST provisions of the tax law.  Congress is working on the details and the best way advisors can get quickly  up to speed on this significant development is to join Marty Shenkman and Bob Keebler for the latest update.

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