“Top 40 Tax Planning Opportunities for 2023” by Robert Keebler, CPA & Peter J. Melcher, J.D.

Tax planning in 2019 has become even more challenging for estate planning professionals.  Whether you’re a CPA, financial advisor, or estate or tax attorney, we are always talking to our clients about planning beyond the Living Trust.  Very often it is too complex for them to understand or not compelling enough for them to do it. This new book by Bob Keebler breaks down the top 40 tax planning ideas in a way that you can use it when you’re in front of a client or even give a client short, easy-to-read handouts that can actually motivate and convince your clients to do something!

Nationally renowned CPA and tax expert, Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA, and his partner, Peter J. Melcher, J.D., MBA, LL.M., have worked hard to put together what they’ve identified as the top 40 tax planning opportunities for your clients so that you can be well-informed and prepared to better advise your clients in this 187-page downloadable e-Book entitled, “The Top 40 Tax Planning Opportunities for 2019”.

“This book is fantastic! I’ve been able to take chapters and pages from it and use it right as client handouts. I’ve also been able to take a lot of the concepts in Bob’s book and create a brand new seminar out of it! Thanks, Bob!”

– Philip Kavesh, J.D.

This book breaks down these opportunities into the following categories:

  • Bracket Management Strategies
  • Income Smoothing Strategies
  • Income Shifting Strategies
  • Reducing Taxable Income Strategies
  • Specific Net Investment Income Tax Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • IRC Section 199A Planning


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